Parameter settings of the Konica Minolta Dimage Z2

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White Balance

The white balance can modify considerably returned of a photograph. The adjustment of the balance of the white is possible for the modes of exposure P, A, S and M.
Balance des blancs Auto
Balance des blancs Tungstene

Preset White Balance

(instruction manual page 58) :

Menu 1

Menu 1 : White Balance > Preset

Menu 1

Choose with the left and right button

Menu 3 - ISO

Validate the choice with the central button

Custom White Balance

(instruction manual page 59) :

Balance des blancs Auto Automatic White Balance :
chromatic aberrations in snow.
Balance des blancs Manuel Custom White Balance on the snow.
Menu 1

Menu 1 : White Balance > Cust.set


Fill the image area with a white object. Press the central button of the controller to make calibration.

Custom White Balance

Camera calibrated