Parameter settings of the Konica Minolta Dimage Z2

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Use of the modes P, A, S, M in order to better control the parameters

To obtain photographs of better quality it is important of course to choose the size of image to maximum, i.e. 2272x1704 and the a weakest possible compression JPEG. However other parameters influence much made final of a photograph.

Choice of exposure mode

The mode of exposure P, A, S and M correspond to (instruction manual page 36) :

These programs of exposure allow to accede to many adjustments in the menus.


To preferably select a Program
P, A, S or M

Menu 1

What makes it possible to reach many adjustments. always prefer Fine quality and the maximum size of image : 2272x1704.

Menu 3 - ISO

Choose the lowest the ISO sensitivity if possible  :50 iso