Menus du ViaMichelin X980T

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Main Menu

With the startup the principal menu appears, 3 sub-menus are proposed :

Navigate (place where we are towards a destination that we choose or in "free navigation" ).

Plan your journey ( one chooses a starting point and of arrival)


Dans la partie inférieure de l'écran il apparaît un bouton "SWITCH OFF" mais on peut aussi utiliser le bouton marche/arrêt sur le dessus du boitier.

Main Menu

Naviguate : Navigation Choice

Navigation Choice

There are 3 possibilities (sub-menus) for navigate :

Destination (in order to calculate a route starting from the place where one is currently towards a destination that one will determine).

Free Navigation (a map 2d appears to be located )

Last Route

Navigation Choice : Select Destination

There are 6 possibilities to determine a destination :


POI (personal points of interest, guides Michelin etc...)

Select on map

My saved adresses


GPS coordonates

Select Destination