Numerical photography with Konica Minolta Dimage Z2

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Presentation of Konica Minolta Dimage Z2

Z2 trois quart arrière
© Konica Minolta

Appeared before the democratization of the "Anti-Shake" stabilization suggested by Z3, Konica Minolta Z2 is not therefore without interest for these photographic capacities. It is certain that the stabilized and wider Zoom of Z3 is trying but I find that produced Z3 of the images more neutral and less attractive than Z2 which tends admittedly to accentuate the hot colors. Moreover Z2 is reliable and without troubles. Z2 proposes also interesting capacities in video with a format 800x600 with 15fps but also of the formats 640x480 in 30fps with sound.

This camera is not manufactured any more. One finds it in occassion or enoffre destocking. I succeeded in ordering it at the beginning of June 2005 on an Internet site who had to supply himself abroad. There is no more average to find information on Internet site of Konica Minolta, you can find on this site the instruction manual, other information can be found while looking in the links.

The Zoom lens 38mm - 380 mm

Zoom au mini Zoom au maxi
38 mm : Zoom with the smallest focal distance, one sees with far a relay in the medium from the Forest. 380 mm : Zoom with maximum, optics not being stabilized one does not see with this focal distance that one trembles the risk thus to make a fuzzy photograph is important. The light being sufficient to have a sufficiently short time of pause (1/400s) one can occur from a tripod.

Macro and Super-Macro modes

macro Moustique pris en macro

The Macro et Super-Macro modes are incredible. See some examples of photographs into Macro